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Provide and inspire your audience with practical, actionable tools to build winning brands and marketing that actually works

“ We had an excellent marketing workshop by Dino H Carter at General Assembly. Dino provides new ideas and a simple framework that attendees can implement immediately.
Unlike many others, Dino's marketing workshop is not focused on digital marketing, it is deeper and valuable to any kind of business person who wants to learn the real fundamentals of successful marketing and how to use them in your own business ”

Michelle Conroy | Marketing Partnerships & Events, General Assembly 

In a world of fierce competition and a staggering number of marketing facets to master in order to generate revenues, gaining marketing knowledge only a few posses is definitely an advantage. In this workshop, brand & marketing consultant Dino H Carter opens his toolbox and reviles the fundamentals of brand building and the actual tactics he and other experts use to create effective and successful marketing and branding initiatives.

This is a no-fluff workshop, including examples from well-known brands, that will fast track your team or audience’s brand building and marketing processes, from ideation to execution.

Dino H Carter, the founder of D Branding, who has been working in marketing for more than 20 years, including works with Levi's, MTV Europe and more, based this workshop on The W System he wrote to help entrepreneurs and teams in their quest to rise above the competition and win. 
This super focused and straight to the point workshop leaves audiences with actionable tools they can immediately implement to ignite effective innovation and creativity in their own organizations.

To book The W System Workshop, please click the button below or call 323.645.0137.



In this virtual keynote, Dino H Carter touches the hot topic of the death of high-street, and the demise of brick & mortar, and explains how CoronaVirus spearheaded this process. 


Dino brings examples and shows interesting data about the shift from physical shops to experience centers, what does it mean for your marketing, what your offices say about your brand and how you can use it to strengthen your business and grow revenues.

The influence of post covid19 retail and office space on your brand 



Everyone who watched this workshop, virtually or in person, found it excellent.

The W System workshop is the perfect fit for your virtual event. Whether it is a company event, a business convention, or a networking function, this workshop provides and inspires the audience with practical, actionable tools to build winning brands and marketing that actually works.

Learn the fundamentals of branding, understand how to differentiate your business from the competition, and how to translate it all to high ROI marketing initiatives.

A simple system to create winning brands, find your differentiation and build successful marketing 



If you have a cannabis business this workshop is a must!

The brand whisperer, Dino H Carter, is an expert when it comes to marketing in the cannabis industry. He has been working with some of the biggest companies in the space and he writes about cannabis marketing and branding in magazines.


Let Dino teach you how to rise above the competition in the saturated industry, and how to navigate through the different advertising pushback in the market.

How do you rise above the competition in an over-crowded industry

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