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"A brand consultant can really make an impact on your business, especially in its infant years where it is most vulnerable."
Fabrizio Colombi, HuffPost

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Christian Valdez

CEO & Founder Traffic Roots

Dino is one of the few people in the space that really understand what IT takes to properly set up a branding and marketing campaign for clients. He has a great acumen for detail and strategy, he is head and shoulders above most marketers in the space. He fully understands what it takes to grow a brand and the intricate concepts to reach an audience with an engaging message to drive awareness.

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Danny Keith

President Eighth Icon Holdings, Inc.

There are people that do marketing and there are people who live, eat, sleep marketing, and branding. Working with Dino is success based every time as he understands his customers so well. He is a visionary that plays to the outcome of an opportunity for the client as if it were his own business. A true blessing to work with as I look forward to a long relationship.

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Matthew Wagner

The Cannabis Industry Insider

Dino H. Carter is not only one of the most likable guys in this space, but also one of the most seasoned. It’s no wonder, Dino has developed keen intuition in respect to creating and executing business identity and marketing campaigns across both micro and macro spectrums. Dino is an out of the box thinker, with knowledge of modern dynamics and a disruptive streak. Dino is results-driven and has been taking businesses to the next level for a long time now. I highly value his input in any project I’m involved in

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Brand Strategy That Grows Your Cannabis Business

You've done a great job with your brand, but now you feel the weight of the competition on your bottom line.

Forbes and other publications write extensively about the aggressive, and over-saturated state of the cannabis industry. They predict a "bloodbath" of canna-businesses throwing in the towel, shutting down this year!

Dino H Carter has been working with many cannabis and CBD brands. He contributes to magazines and speaks at cannabis events and podcasts. Dino's experience, insider insights, and 25 years in marketing are the competitive edge you need if you want to grow your business.

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CBD Marketing

"If everyone in the space sells the same thing to the same people, why should people buy from you?"
Dino H Carter, CBD Expo Orlando


If you want an exceptional business you need to think and do what others don't.

Growing sales for CBD, Hemp, or any other Cannabis or plant-based products is extremely hard but it is totally doable. Over the past few years, I have helped different companies in the space grow and sell more.


Here are a few:

A Cannabis fin-tech secured $14 Million in investment

A payment processor startup get acquired after only five months

CBD brand to grow online sales from $7000 a quarter to $32,000

Plant-based brand to double conversion rate and more than 100% ROI in less than four months

Grow lights company to sell more on the first month of COVID-19 than in any same month in previous years

Yes, you can always throw money on ads and such (if Facebook lets you), but growing your sales and increasing brand awareness doesn't mean spending more money. The key to selling more is not the size of your business, and unfortunately, it actually has nothing to do with how good your products are. 

There is a system, a framework to sell more. You can have marketing like the rest or you can have really great marketing that actually produces more sales and a positive ROI.

It is not easy, it involves a lot of "intangible thinking", research, focus, and psychology - all the things most business owners do not do and fail, while only a few actually do and build extremely successful businesses.

Which one are you?


"With a limited budget, Dino made my company ranked in the top three"

Rami Vardi, Owner, Spectrum King LED

"Since working with Dino I've seen my organic traffic grow and convert to sales month over month"

Kate Manson, Owner, TarotCBD

"Dino promised big, but he delivered even bigger"

Brian Barbuto, Owner, Wrazel

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