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Books for entrepreneurs and business owners

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

What Great Brands Do - by Denise Lee Yohn

In this list you will find THE BEST couple of books about branding, building a brand, and using the brand.

If you have a business and want to learn why big well-known brands are so successful all you need to do is to read this book.

If you have a business and you want to grow it to be much more than just a business, this book is a must. After you will read it you will want to turn your business and start doing things differently.

If your goal is to sell more, this book is not for you.

This book will motivate you to put in the work and create a better business - a REAL brand. You will learn from a marketing professional with examples from some of the best brands in the world.

Audible version


Think And Grow Rich - By Napoleon Hill

Think And Grow Rich is the bible of self-improvement and successful life. You need to understand (if you haven't yet) that being successful has nothing to do with money but since the industrial revolution money plays a big part of it.

Napoleon Hill is the first "motivational speaker" if you think about it. He is the first to have audio seminars, he is the first to put in writing a set of laws of success, not only what to do, but how to do it.

Others, like Tony Robbins, did exactly what Hill did with this book - sitting down with the richest most successful people of the time - the early 1900's, before World War Two (!) and create a set of secrets for everlasting success.

This book changed my and a million other people's lives and if you will read it it will change yours as well.

This is the only book I read twice and I know I will read it again.

This book will help you change your mindset and this will change your life.

Audible version


Tools Of Titans - by Tim Ferris

Remember I said that many copied what Napoleon Hill did first? Writing a book after learning "the secrets" from the most successful people in the world? So Tim Ferris did something similar in this boo but this book is totally different than Think And Grow Rich.

The book Tools Of Titans contains tools, tactics, and other ideas from some of the biggest most talented, smart names of the last few years from the long interviews he had with them for his extremely successful podcast. For example- What do these people do in the first sixty minutes of each morning? What do their workout routines look like, and why? What books have they gifted most to other people? What are the biggest wastes of time for novices in their field? and more.

This book might change your life, or the way you do things. It will definitely give you a lot of food for thoughts on how you can make your life and yourself better.

Audible version


One Plus One Equals Three - By Dave Trott

Creativity is extremely important in business. You must be creative when it comes to managing people, crisis, ops, sales, deals, and so on.

the book One Plus One Equals Three is a well of real-life stories, from tales of 18th century Japanese samurai to classic battles between "creatives" and "suits" in the boardroom, that will help you understand why it's so important and remind you that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to be creative to find it.

Combining Dave Trott's distinctive, almost Zen-like storytelling, humor, and practical advice, its collection of provocative anecdotes and thought experiments are designed to light a fire under your own creative ambitions.


The Brand Gap - By Marty Neumeier

You know yourself that the competition out there is enormous! Whatever you try to sell, someone else is selling it for less.

That's why creating a brand identity is so important. When you have a brand, people buy your products or services regardless of their price.

The Brand Gap is a thin book you must read if you have a business or you are interested in marketing. Marty Neumeier is one of today's most well-known and respected authorities on the topic of branding and in this book he explains super important elements and all the secrets to creating a brand identity that resonates across every aspect of a business--including its website and overall strategy!

This book will make you understand what really is a brand and branding, because branding is not having a logo. Read this book and you will have an edge over your competitors.


See You at the Top - by Zig Ziglar

Wow, what can I say about Zig Zigler and the book See You At The Top that no one said before? be honest, nothing.

It took me a while to really check out Zig Zigler because of his name, I mean really....and because I didn't need any other "sales guru" because I am a fan of Brian Tracy (if you read my newsletter you know the story) but one day, by chance, I listened to him on Spotify. It was actually not a sales audio, it was more like a standup comedy set and it was hilarious!!

After that I said to myself "someone with such a great sense of humor must have something to teach me" and indeed he had.

You might have heard Zig's ideas from others because all of today's "gurus" repeat what he and others of his generation, like Jim Rohn (who is THE KING of them all) have been preaching since the 1970's. But this book - See You At The Top - is the first time someone put all those ideas of self-improvement and the way to success through mindset, in writing (after Think And Grow Rich).

This book will give you some motivation when you will need it

Audiobook version

Expert Secrets - by Russell Brunson

If there is one man who revolutionized the online marketing world it's Russell Brunson. But this book is not about that. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT one of Brunson's blind cult-like fans, far from it, but in this book, The Experts Secrets, Russell Brunson teach marketing in a very clear way. Really. If you want a book that will help you understand marketing in a way that is directed at making sales (mainly online but not only) this is the book.

He breaks down all the important elements of sales and growth-focused marketing from all the marketing and sales people who said, wrote, talked, did all that before him in a way that is clearer and more action-oriented than anything I've seen before.

This book will make you jump off your seat and start creating and doing!

The Compound Effect - by Darren Hardy first Darren Hardy rubbed me the wrong way but during COVID19 lockdown I read this book and used the worksheets which helped me tremendously as my goal from the first day of COVID was to use this time for personal growth.

Since then I went back to the worksheets and I know I will again in the future.

Darren Hardy was the publisher of SUCCESS magazine (which is a big deal). He is a keynote speaker, advisor, and in addition to The Compound Effect he wrote The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, and Living Your Best Year Ever.

This book will help you understand that whatever it is you want, you can achieve.


Purple Cow - by Seth Godin

Actually, whatever book you can read from Seth Godin will do, and one is probably enough because, like many others, he keeps grinding on the same ideas, again and again, so every book of his, every talk, video, interview has the same ideas which are SUPER IMPORTANT in the world of commerce we live in.

Seth is one of the firsts to screaming out loud that the world of commerce has changed since online shopping started. The problem is that still to this day, most people don't get it and still try to beat a dead horse.

This book will help you understand what mainly we, marketing experts, know and try to constantly teach our clients...

Audible version


Siddhartha - by Hermann Hesse

Last but not least is not a business book, it's not a marketing book, it's a life book.

Not only it's a beautifully written book like any other book by Hermann Hesse, but it's a book that makes you think. If you are interested in meditation and the wisdom of the eastern cultures you would love this book but even if you are not but you are a knowledge seeker and someone who looks to grow as a person and have a better life with less friction, this book of journey and self-exploration will teach you a lot about life, people, yourself and the perception of all three...

I finished this book in one long holiday weekend and so can you. You will probably have a very content smile on your face and you will feel full of tranquility when you will finish reading it, just like I felt when I did and so did anyone I know who read this book.


Yes, there are many other books I recommend, but as a holiday gift for a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or yourself, these ten books are remarkably perfect.


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