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  • Dino H. Carter

H&M Goes ‘Beyond The Rainbow’

H&M, the global fast-fashion brand launched a special app for LGBTQ pride month which in my opinion is a great example for Brand-Focused-Marketing.

The concept of this immersive digital marketing initiative is that when users scan rainbow-decorated objects in their surroundings, including Pride flags, food or clothing, the app opens a "Beyond the Rainbow" landing page spotlighting stories from a variety of LGBTQ people, including influencers such as actor and singer Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, influencer Héctor Trejo, DJ, model and actor Sus Wilkins, and H&M employees. In addition, the brand is encouraging consumers to post about their own experiences on social, and it will also match donations to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit focused on LGBTQ suicide prevention and crisis intervention, for the June campaign.

This is how you do it! H&M targets young people. Gender freedom and being proud of who you are as you are is huge with young demographics today. So taking this opportunity to come up with this activity is perfect. If you watched my video on community you can understand why I think this is such a great marketing step for H&M - focus your marketing on what is important to your audience. If it's important to them they will engage, they will talk about you, they will remember you. They will buy!


It's a digital first world

COVID-19 lockdown made the world of commerce a digital first world. This means you need to focus on your business's online presence and double down on smart digital marketing activities (just like the H&M activity mentioned above).

The problem is it is NOT easy. Even well-known brands find this shift hard.

Choosing a partner who can provide digital solutions the right way that fits your business and target audience can be challenging. Many people might know the latest in digital marketing but only a few really understand both the digital realm and consumer behavior.

Finding those who do will help you drive revenue, save money and increase efficiency. That's why MarketingDive Magazine made a list of the 5 reasons why you should outsource mission-critical digital marketer.

If you need help navigating your business towards growth in the new digital first world of commerce, let me know, I can help.

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