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  • Dino H. Carter

How to manage 2021 holiday season supply chain shortage?

This holiday season is all about the supply chain shortage. Have you taken the right measures to deal with this issue yet?

I mean, I'm sure you have been dealing with your vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers (in case you don't manufacture in-house) but what have you done to make sure this doesn't affect your customers?

This year, your holiday sales focus, including Black Friday Cyber Monday, can NOT be only on how to generate more sales. This year you must be prepared in advance for the possibility there will be unhappy customers due to inventory and/or shipping issues.

Unhappy customers don't buy again, they ask for refunds and they publish negative reviews about your business or product. Is that what you want???

I didn't think so.

Here are a few things you should do this holiday season in order to make it a very successful one:

  • Inventory management is always crucial but now more than ever. Make sure you and your staff are on top of it. Don't offer sales and promos if you CAN'T back it up with inventory and timely supply and shipping.

  • Start sales and promos early this year. This allows more room to deal with supply chain problems.

  • Be open and transparent with your customers about this issue. Email them or contact them in any way possible to let them know they should plan ahead this year and not wait until the last minute. BUT be smart and delicate about this. Don't make it a huge issue and stress them so much that they will be afraid to actually from you.

  • If you have inventory issues with popular items or best sellers, see how you can source them elsewhere in a timely manner. If you can't, source similar items you CAN have in stock and use them for your holiday promos and sales.

  • Set the right customer support verbiage ahead of time and make sure all your policies and employees know about it.

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