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FROM $7,000 TO $30,000 IN FIVE MONTHS

  • Brand & Marketing Consultancy

  • Email Marketing

  • Ongoing SEO


Tarot CBD is a new brand focused on modern-day stressed over-worked women. Kate, the owner launched the shop in November 2019 but sales didn't grow at the desired pace. 

In May, as revenues kept stagnating, Kate had to make a change and decided to hire my services. After some research, I found out that the biggest issue is underperforming SEO work. The SEO service provider she used at the time cost $2000 a month but didn't produce results - the organic traffic to the website was very low and sales from SEO were so low she actually lost money by working with that SEO provider.

The second issue that held Kate from seeing more sales on her online shop was low newsletter subscribers and poor use of email marketing strategies. The system Kate used was not up-to-par, her newsletters were off, and she didn't have the right abandonment email sequences.

In order to fix all that my all American NC located SEO team started work on optimizing the shop so it will rank higher in search engines and show on the first results on Google. Some of the work was revisions to the copy test on the website including product descriptions and headlines, some were changes and additions to the website's HTML code and tags, some were user experience (UX) and usability elements of the website, and more.
In addition, we changed the newsletter and email marketing system to one that produces better results (and is less expensive). Through ongoing brand and marketing consultancy sessions, I helped Kate create better newsletters and automated emails that will not only drive much more traffic to the website but generate more sales.
Also, it was extremely important to make some changes to the website design to a sales-first design to make website visitors buy more.

"Since working with Dino I've seen my organic traffic grow and convert to sales month over month"

Kate Manson, Owner Tarot CBD 

Since the client is a new business, my goal was to create growth of revenues with inexpensive marketing activities.
That's why I focused on SEO, newsletters, and automated emails.

I know how hard it is to run a business on your own, most times, solopreneurs do everything in the business - manufacturing, sales, marketing, writing content, and all the rest. That is exactly why it was important to come up with a strategy that does not require too much time on the business owner's side. My SEO team produces results extremely fast on a surprisingly low budget of less than $1000 a month. 

tarot cbd sales Q1.jpg
tarot cbd sales Q3.jpg
tarot cbd growth percentage2.jpg
tarot cbd growth percentage1.jpg

In addition to SEO, I came up with a tailored content strategy and email marketing tactic for the client in order to generate sales on autopilot and traffic based on content, not paid advertising.

This way I was able to drive 170% more traffic to the online shop with 165% more new users, grow the conversion rate from 1.73% to 2.81%, and grow sales from $7209 a quarter to $30,810 a quarter - a 327% growth. All in five months.

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