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Lets grow your website's traffic with no ad campaigns for only $899 a month

Fill in your website's address below and click subscribe

The Service

Keyword research

Monthly reports to your email

Optimization readable content

HTML code optimization

Technical SEO optimization

Technical site design evaluation

Local SEO settings

DGPS & Mobile Submissions

Voice recognition submissions:

And more

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This SEO service is on a minimum 3 months basis. There are a few reasons for this:

1. It takes Google about 3 months to index the internet.

2. Google and other search engines are changing their algorithm constantly and we need to make changes accordingly.

3. Successful SEO is based on many different elements our team needs to look and fix.


The monthly work cycles starts on the 1st of the month or the 15th, whichever is closer to the date you sign up for the plan.

You will get monthly reports on progress.


If after a few months of work we see our settings are working great and we there is no need for as much technical work we will reduce the monthly fee.

Since website's traffic and e-commerce revenues are a function of many different element and not only SEO, we do not guarantee any spike in sales, orders, traffic etc.

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